UO Steam FAQ

UO Steam FAQ

1) Where are my reagents in Title Bar?

Reagents are not visible in Title bar by default like in Razor, so they
have to be added manually. Go to Agents tab -> Counters (subtab). Press “Insert” and then target all of your reagents separately. When you have done this, check the Format section there and put in mind that “cntr”, “cntr-2” and such. There are eight (8) reagents available on this shard.

After this, go to Options tab -> Title Bar (subtab again). There is a
textarea below, which has “UO – $name $statusbar $hits/$mana/$stam” by default. For reagents, you have to write %cntr – %cntr-2 etc. to get all reagents in your Title bar. Some might get it writing $nightshade, which will not work.

Below you can find complete line:

UO – $name $statusbar – $hits/$mana/$stam – %cntr / %cntr-2 / %cntr-3 / % cntr-4 / %cntr-5 / %cntr-6 / %cntr-7 / %cntr-8
Note that you can add any item there by that Agents technique into your Title bar!

2) UOS doesn’t open doors automatically. How do I fix this?

Go to Options tab -> General (subtab again, not main menu’s General) and there you can find Open Doors section top right below Spell Grid. Click “Enabled” and you are done!

3) Lights…how do I turn them on?

On the first page of UO Steam there is General tab by default when you open UO Steam. Top left you can find Filters section and from there “Light”. Select it and you can have your 24/7 lights!

4) How do I set higher resolution?

It’s available via Options tab -> General subtab and from there bottom right Game Window section. Select “Resize” and put
1024×768, or what ever you want it set to.